a development partnership
"bridges to jobs"

The main strategy of the development partnership "Bridges to jobs" is to assist and care for for people who are disadvantaged on the job-market, not only during the entire process of (re-) integration into the job market, but also in the first period after the beginning of the employment. The target group consists of:  long-term unemployed, older job seekers, welfare recipients, resident foreigners, ethnic German immigrants, asylum seekers, handicapped, women and socially disadvantaged juveniles. The single projects are in close contact with each other through a regional network. The disadvantages regarding the offers of the infrastructure for qualification will be diminished with the help of Equal in the region of the development partnership. In addition will be tackled the insufficient infrastructure of the ÖPNV (public transport system) and the insufficient structure of assistance for resident foreigners, ethnic German immigrants, asylum seekers.

The development partnership "Bridges to Jobs" of Eastern Bavaria, Bavaria Woods covers the districts Cham, Regen, Freyung-Grafenau, Passau and the city of Passau itself with an extension of 5,100 square km and approx. 533,000 inhabitants. It includes the provincial administrative districts of Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatine.

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